Printing and Embroidery

Direct printing and embroidery on garment

Personalize your style with UrbanNerd direct printing and embroidery on garment material at low cost. No time wasted and top printing quality, UrbanNerd gives you the opportunity of adding your own design, graphic, logo or text to our existing clothes in our shop or your own clothes. Direct printing on T-shirt and other garment materials is the fastest way of printing on garments and we only use high quality printer from Brother and the Brother original ink for printing.

Printing and Embroidery

We also do screen printing, CAD cut vinyl printing or heat transfer print, this depends on the print quality you want. With UrbanNerd there is no limit on creativity.Screen printing basically pastes a layer of ink color on top of the garment through a screen. Cad cut vinyl printing is a state of the art machine cuts a high-quality vinyl paper into the shape of the design and heat press to the garment.

The heat-transfer sublimation print use transfer paper and foil andheat press them to the garment. Among all these mentioned method, we mostly apply embroidery on garment, screen printing and direct printing on T-shirt. Embroidery on garment is another way where there is no printing involved but embroidery machine stitches your created design, logo, motiv or text onto the garment of your choice. Embroidery on garment is most used methods for Baseball Caps, Golf shirts and corporate work wear. Embroidery on garment produces vibrant, has no fading color or broken color, which can last the life of your garment.

You can add design to almost all of our listed products online, in which you simple select in the variation of what type of application you will prefer and send us your design art work after completing the purchase. We check your graphic and get the work done

.??....... Nevertheless, you can also direct printing on T-shirts and embroidery on garment with us for a corporate work wear or individuals. It doesn't matter if you only have one or a thousand garments to work on, simply send us an email to about your request, and we will get all work done with the highest quality at a very low price.