UrbanNerd Sportswear

01.09.2018 07:33
UrbanNerd focuses more on sportswear, because sports play a very important role in our lives. Both in terms of health, shape and the sports community, it's important that you have the right sport clothes and other sport accesories you might need. Urbannerd is a motivated team, dedicated in sports and support also athletes, in this way we can lern more and develop our skills on products that will make your sports live easier. When doing sport you need flexible wear, easywear clothes and durable, almong all a breathable clothes, these saves your energy and don't get exhausted very fast.

Urbannerd Sportswear Events and Sponsor for athletes

As a human we should always have a goal on who you want to become in live, how your body should be and health, let sky be the limit, never take no for an answer because there is always a way if you do not give up. Are you a motivated person or want to be motivated? Join UrbanNerd Sport team today by contacting us and get informed about our next sport events, where you get to train with one of our professional trainer completely free for 6 - 8 weeks. Music events, DJ battles, breakdance battles, rap battles and as UrbanNerd follower you can use UrbanNerd DJ equipment in our base Hamburg to learn also completely free of charge.

.................Also as an athlete you also be sponsored from Urbannerd Sportswear. Adding an application like graphics, designs, logos or text to UrbanNerd Sportswear or your own clothes is also offered as service plus by UrbanNerd. Especially for a football team, basketball teams or other athletic teams, you are able to customize and add application like names, numbers and your logo embroidery on cloth or printed to jerseys. Children love this as a birthday present, also adults. We do this plus service free for all members of our sport teams and you can send you any clothes of your choice and we embroidery or print on it for you. Our idea on UrbanNerd Sportswear is not just to sell to you our sport products, but also really close to your style and idea, your words on your shirt, be able to express your feeling to others, things you can't say embroidery on cloth or print printed to jerseys.

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