About UrbanNerd

The UrbanNerd brand was founded in 2003 in Hamburg – one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Germany. UrbanNerd also has branches in other countries, but Hamburg is where it all started and remains our home base. UrbanNerd produces Clothes & Clothes accessoire like sportswear, streetwear, apparel accessories, organizes events, promotes events and collaborates with sports businesses.

The name UrbanNerd is a combination of "urban" and "nerd" – "urban" standing for the multicult metropolis of Hamburg and, as Hamburg is in the northern part of Germany, "nerd" simply replaces the word north (the German translation "Nord" is even more similar). The word "nerd" is most commonly associated with a typically bored person, without a big social competence, who studies a lot, is considered a computer genius and mathematic whit with big reading glasses.

Actually, a nerd is an intellectual and intelligent person as the following successful founders acknowledge: Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebok), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) – they spent their early twenties in the so called "nerd circle", but today they are the most successful people. In many ways the world and society depends on them.

We don't often see this Steve Urkel-look anymore, but the modern nerd now wears suits, sports- & streetwear. UrbanNerd's motto is to provide good quality, support fair trade and offer fair pricing. For UrbanNerd, it's very important that fair trade is on the line – concerning the material, the workers, and the end user.

UrbanNerd produces Clothes & Clothes accessoire for men, women, teenage and kids and gives you the opportunity to embroidery your cloth or print on your T-shirt, you have an idea of embroidery your cloth or having motiv, logo, text you want to print on your T-shirt, no problem Urbanner dwil do it for you.

Ubannerd Trademark and Logo

UrbanNerd® is a registered trademark in the European Union, the USA, Canada and many more countries. Our logo is a resolution of peace and equality, Half U and Half N bended to left and right but the end result is still same, which shows no matter the situation, condition or in the land you were born in, all human are equal.