Leggings Sweatpants? No thanks! Better the UrbanNerd Sweatpants

01.09.2018 07:33

Do you not feel like we're on those tight training pants that look like leggings? Then out of those boring leggings sweatpants and into the UrbanNerd sweatpants with wearing comfort, which makes you always look good and like a man and not like a man in women's clothing. Let the women enjoy the women's clothing and men enjoys men's clothing that is always comfortable. Whether in winter or summer, the UrbanNerd Sweatpants offers better protection and a longer usagedurage than any leggings sweatpants. Thanks to the durable fabrics, you can be sure that the UrbanNerd Sweatpants fit in all weather and situation and are suitable for all weather seasons.

What is street wear?

What is street wear? That's a good question, because is not clothing just clothes? Streetwear played a major role in hip-hop culture in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Nevertheless, the term streetwear is often misunderstood. At the beginning, streetwear meant clothing that was easy and quick to put on and wear. Due to the elastic and comfortable sweat fabric, which can be attracted to various sports activities or physically active situations, it can also be used for all athletic sports such as gym, jogging, playing basketball or dancing. There are also many who wear streetwear to school and even at work. On one hand offers the streetwear a very comfortable fit by mostly soft and lightweight fabrics that can be tightened quickly and on the other hand you are ready to go anytime immediately.

Could I also add my own logo or motif to the clothes?

Yes! For private use, as a club or as a sports team, you can apply your application or graphics to almost all UrbanNerd products. This is even possible on your own clothes! Our Plus service offers the embroidery or the print on your garment according to your specifications. Whether in large or small quantities, we offer high printing and embroidery quality at a fair and good price.

............ The embroidery of clothing is usually custom made on golf T-shirts, baseball caps or for clubs with a professional industrial embroidery machine. The direct print on the clothes we carry through with a digital industrial printer, which prints various colors on your desired garment. Screen printing transfers the paint through a sieve onto the garment. During heat transfer, your graphics are printed by a digital printer and transferred to a shirt using a heat press machine.

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