Like in the good old days: The Hood Sweatpants

01.09.2018 07:34
As a Hood Sweatpants fan, you'll love what UrbanNerd offers you. Especially in these days, where the classic Hood Sweatpants with side pockets, back pockets and a "baggy style" seem to have lost his way, UrbanNerd is bringing them back to life. If you look at today's market and fashion, you will only find the very tight "Hipster Sweatpants", which are more like a leggings, than what it use to be, the "hood-feeling". Any Hood Sweatpants lover who has spend time looking in the stores and online Shop looking for Hood Sweatpants knows how hard it is to find a very good one.

What should UrbanNerd Hood Sweatpants be used for?

UrbanNerd Hood Sweatpants remind you of the good old days, Streetwear but also very comfortable as a training pants, which goes from the hips down to the knees as a short pants or from the hips down to the ankles, which covers your socks, as well as the upper part of your shoes as a long Pants. The hood sweatpants has 6 pockets, very popular in the hip hop and breakdance scene, because they are very flexible, very robust and pleasant for any kind of movement and always keeps its shape. Likewise, for spontaneous out going, meeting with friends, basketball, football, work out or even at work were you do a lot of physical activity. The 6 pockets are definitely practical, a lot of place for storage. Fantastic pants for all situations.

There is also a combination of the sweatpants and the sweatshirt, which is called Tracksuit. Also, another type of sweatshirt can be paired with sweatpants with a different style, or both in the same color. You can not find the right size in our UrbanNerd Online Shop? Do not worry, we as UrbanNerd are at the same time the manufacturer of our products and can make our clothes according to your measurements. UrbanNerd is therefore available for normal, but also for oversizes.

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