Welcome to the Urban Nerd. Urbannerd German Brand for Sport Clothes and Streetwear.

UrbanNerd is a registered trademark in many countries. We have been operating since 2003 in accessories and since 2004 in the clothing business. The first application of UrbanNerd on a T-shirt was in our basement in Hamburg. Over the years we have developed our expertise and brought our brand "UrbanNerd" to the front line of brands for garment and accessories.

UrbanNerd Sportswear and StreetwearUrbanNerd Brand Sport clothes and streetwear: Don't wear it because you have to, wear clothes because you want to. You have to feel comfortable – what you wear represents you and this is our mission. UrbanNerd has a collection fitted just for you – from sportswear to streetwear, athletic training pants, sports-shirts, fitness T-shirts, gym tight tops, jogging leggings, sportbags and tank tops.

The word streetwear is misinterpreted most of the time. The streetwear culture is not about wearing baggy pants or pants downward or presenting a neck full of gold. Streetwear is that type of clothing commonly centering on casual, comfortable pieces such as Jeans, T-shirts, Baseball Caps, and Sneakers. In the late 1970s and early 1980s the upcoming of streetwear started, when people began selling printed T-shirts from the back of their trucks or cars, before the world even got to notice this beautiful easy wear called streetwear. The streetwear has inspired us in many ways and we have learned a lot about this clothing line. Today it's our great honor to present UrbanNerd collections, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, baseball caps, snap back caps, beanies, bags, socks, sweatbands and many more ...

Shirts and T-shirts

In the 19th century, T-shirts were originally used as underwear. T-shirts were started to be seen as stand-alone fashion items in the 1950s and got even more popular after the American actor Marlon Brando wore one in the movie "A Streetcar Named Desire" (1951). The v-neck and round neck, is one of the most popular T-shirts. There are also shirts and T-shirts for women which show the shoulders or long T-shirts, which women use as nightgowns. This is also known for being a part of hip-hop fashion called tall T-shirts that are extended down to the knees.

UrbanNerd has a large collection of shirts and T-shirts: sports T-shirts or tight sports T-shirts, which you can use for the gym, jogging, bicycle riding, basketball, football and many other athletic activities. Normal shirts and T-shirts you can use as underwear or as a stand-alone for your outfit at meetings, parties, for school or work, for shopping and to meet with friends in a bar for a coffee or drinks. The good thing about shirts and T-shirts is that, they are easily fitted, easily cleaned and mostly lightweight. UrbanNerd has collections for men, women, and kids. We also provide oversized clothing and offer many different types of motives designed by UrbanNerd. You can also send us your own motive(s) if you wish.

Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

Sweatshirt and SweatpantsSweatshirt and sweatpants are one of (or the) most useful pants that have been created ever. May it be long pants, short pants, or underwear – they are easily fitted. Sweatshirt and sweatpants are casual soft jersey pants and shirts that are very soft for high comfort at home or athletic activities. They allow athletes to stretch and feel very comfortable while jogging, at the gym, or while dancing, and during other sport activities – basically.

Apparel Accessories like Bags, Caps, Sport Towels, Sport Drinking Bottle and Beanies.

Apparel AccessoriesWe have a collection of brilliant apparel accessories, like smart beanies, and smart towels. Our accessories make your workout very comfortable. UrbanNerd has developed smart beanies and smart towels which have a multifunctional use. They can be used for cleaning sweat, storage of cards, storage of keys, storage for small important things you might want to have with you while working out. You can also store your music player or smartphone in it.

Our smart beanies are very cleverly made and can be used in two different ways. They have a two front logo and can be used folded up or pulled down – whichever way you are using them, the logo always appears. Design Your Style with Urbannerd plus, Wish size, Embroidery and Cloth Printing. We also offer you the opportunity for you of embroidery and cloth printing in adding motiv, design, text to our existing clothes or you can send or bring your own clothes for embroidery and cloth printing. You did not find a size that fits you on our web site? No problem, contact us and we will have your size done for you.


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As a Hood Sweatpants fan, you'll love what UrbanNerd offers you. Especially in these days, where the classic Hood Sweatpants with side pockets, back pockets and a "baggy style" seem to have lost his way, UrbanNerd is bringing them back to life. If you look at today's market and fashion, you will

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UrbanNerd focuses more on sportswear, because sports play a very important role in our lives. Both in terms of health, shape and the sports community, it's important that you have the right sport clothes and other sport accesories you might need. Urbannerd is a motivated team, dedicated in sports

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Do you not feel like we're on those tight training pants that look like leggings? Then out of those boring leggings sweatpants and into the UrbanNerd sweatpants with wearing comfort, which makes you always look good and like a man and not like a man in women's clothing. Let the women enjoy the